Hi.  Welcome to the Mississauga Ultimate Club (MissUC).

Ultimate is our favourite sport and we are thrilled to be bringing a new league to the great city of Mississauga.  We have great plans for the future of our league, but we will start off with a simple program our first season - great ultimate on great fields with great people.

Want to register as a MEMBER, it's only $15.  You can register as a member by clicking here.

Click HERE to establish a profile (no commitments on your part) to let us know you are interested and we can keep you informed (you don't need to register as a member to establish a profile, but you won't be able to play any games).


Gui and Trevor


End of Year 2019 Winter Indoor League!


With the enthusiastic response we have received to this brand new league, we have been able to determine that we will have 6 teams in this indoor league.

The teams have been assigned and the league is underway.  We are still accepting a limited number of registrations.

Check out the Registration section in your Dashboard or click here to register for this league .



MissUC will be presenting this Winter League on Sunday evenings at Mentor College starting November 17 until January 19th (9 weeks).

This "End of Year 2019 Winter League" will be a HAT league, meaning players will register as individuals and we will assign them to teams in a effort to make the teams balanced.

There will be an opportunity for athletes to indicate a fellow athlete they wish to play with.

Check out the Leagues section or click here for a complete description of the league details.